Bold, Bright and Colorful was my inspiration when putting this amazing collection of bikinis together. Prints that have a “Wow Factor” is what I was totally going for to make this a line of statement piece bikinis. Choosing three explosive prints with color and and adding removable sequins bows definitely did the trick, to give it that little extra sparkle. After all I am the “Queen of Crystal”,  and there can never be enough sparkle. The ideas behind the three bikinis are:

Cubism – This colorful checkered print is a Swarovski Crystalized and can be bound in one bright solid binding or in multi color binding for a few extra dollars more. I also used this same fabric when I turned Dr. Love Gina Midyett into my Rubix Cube Magician Costume.


Electric Daisy – What can I say about this print except that I am seriously obsessed, it brings back true inspirational memories. This crazy wild Alice In Wonderland eat from one end of the mushroom but not too much kind of print reminds me of the time spent in Amsterdam at The Magical Mushroom. And, then decided to shop for diamonds afterwards. I know most people think of The Red Light District when they think of Amsterdam, but everyone that knows me well knows I am headed to the diamond district. I got severely and colorfully distracted on may there. An experience to remember but do not recommend the events in that order. Maybe diamond shopping first and then The Magical Mushroom. It was definitely a little bit more expensive in the order considering I was under the influence, in a place that allows you to be. No laws were broken, I promise. The only thing broken was my credit card. LOL


Shiny Disco Balls – Reminds me of my second favorite holiday, Fourth of July. Lots of bright splashes of color with a spray of Diamond Swarovski Crystals looks just like the fireworks finale. Crystal connectors are another optional choice for this bikini to make it even more sparkly.



Each bikini I make has a special meaning and a history from my life experience. I want everyone to feel the same joy when modeling, competing or wearing my designs.

Title Photo: Model – Nicole Aniston, Photographer – Matthew Reiter

Cubism:  #1  Model – Gina Midyett, Hair – Tiffany Simpson, Make Up – Sweet Glamour Make up,  Jewelry – Rachel Ward from Gemara’s Gems, Photographer – Greg Burns. Photo #2 Model – Nicole Aniston, Photographer – Matthew Reiter

Electric Daisy: Model – Dj Colleen Shannon, Photographed for 138 Water Campaign

Shiny Disco Balls: Photo #1 Model – Nicole Aniston, Photographer Matthew Reiter, Photo #2 Model – Heather Doss (The Official HD Experience), Photographer – Brad Harmon Photography, Photo #3 Model – Candace Gonzales, Photographer – Peter Gonzales (PGP Fit Foto), Photo #4 Model – Gina Midyett, Hair – Tiffany Simpson, Make up – April Michelle Ross, Fascinator – Amy Terrill, Jewelry – Rachel Ward from Gemara’s Gems, Photographer – Greg Burns

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