My Famous For Love Bikinis was another fun collection to work on. I love bright colors on bikinis and even better interesting prints. I was so drawn to the fiberoptic looking stars in bright pink & orange and bright green & pink, they reminded me of the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA. LIke some famous celebrity’s name all lit up in bright lights on a marquee! The other four prints in hearts and stars on a black and white background were just so pretty I had to buy them. Also there are hints of them looking like my Flower Power Collection but in different shapes. I love it because it gives everyone of my customers choices and never fearing they will have the same bikini on as someone else, because I give the option of custom binding and adding different color bows!


Marquee in Pink, love this one so much.


Shape of My Heart in Black & Haute Pink, Julie Ernes Really wore the heck out of this one. My Modern Day Marilyn is what I have named her. Shot by Kenny Roland


Sydni modeling To The Stars & Back for The New Me Journey by Steven Smith

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