Magic happens on rare occasions when the right artists at the right time are inspired by the same things. And sometimes by different things. This time it was Rebekah, owner of Eugenia Woods who was inspired by the beautiful pink hotel “The Vinoy” in downtown St. Petersburg, FL. I saw this picture of her new hand painted bags and completely lost my mind. Not only do I love the “Big Pink” as I like to call it in “The Burg”, apparently so does Rebekah. I immediately contacted her about this amazing idea I had after she sparked my inspiration imagination, there was no turning back. I guess a picture is really worth a thousand words or maybe to me just a really great idea.

As most who know me best I try to live my life in themes or better yet a costume. I guess I missed my calling for movie/theater set design or a Disney Imagineer. Anyways I am huge fan of everything Pink, Vintage, Interesting Architecture, Hollywood Regency, Art Deco, The Flamingo and Painted Ladies (which are hard to come by down here in Florida). Turns out Rebekah has been painting Flamingo heads and butts on her totes and bags since I have known her. The only thing I can’t understand is why it’s taken me so long to come up with such a cool idea for matching her bags to my design style, well that all changed in the beginning of this Summer. 10473762_845847488800467_4225222109570363549_n

Rebekah and I came up with the idea of using her original idea of hand painting famous & glamorous places on her signature zipper handbags. And, my love for Art Deco & Hollywood Regency thought was adding iconic cities but making them look like vintage postcards from the 1950’s. Why not stop there I said…


Vegas being one of my favorite places I thought we should make them sparkle. I am “The Queen of Crystal” why not add a little sparkle and give it a touch of me too. Rebekah was totally down with the idea and that is how the collection of Vintage Postcard Handbags came about. I wanted bags that I could wear out on the town and no one would have what I had. Being that I am a trendsetter and don’t always need Hermes and Celine in my life. Supporting local talented designers like myself is a wonderful way to set your style apart and I wanted to match these cute little bags to my custom Swarovski Crystal EOS Lipbalms.  I will introduce one city bag each month that we have worked on together along with a coordinating EOS Lipbalm. You can see both bags naked & crystalized and EOS Lipbalms too. Each option is available for sale.


Just like Vegas, right?

Please contact Rebekah to order Vegas “Naked”: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Please contact me Queen of Crystal to have Vegas “Crystalized” and for the EOS Lipbalms too. lauren@queenofcrystal.com

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All photos with exception of last photo: Eugenia Woods

Last Photo: Queen of Crystal


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