Aren’t we all a little mad when we are pregnant? LOL Serioulsy with all those hormones flying around anything is bound to happen so watch out. That’s at least how I felt about my pregnancies. Some women are magical unicorns during this time in their lives and then their are woman like me who are hospitalized, look & feel like “Night of the Living Dead”, and seriously want to kill my husband for getting me into this situation.

After just recently having a baby, seriously like 5 days after I decided to read Traci’s book. I was an angry pregnant woman, but for many different reasons unlike the ones Traci describes in her tell all story of transformation of change, perseverance and love. I was sick throughout my entire pregnancies and was in and out of the hospital, so I enjoyed reading books like “Pregnancy Sucks” and “Stylish Mommy” even though hurling was an every day occurrence. I was in for more of a surprise after diving into the Diary of an Angry Pregnant Woman. A serious page turner left me wanting more and wondering what would happen next? Her determination for change and transformation is truly remarkable. You have to buy the book to find out which path Traci ends up taking. Worth the purchase: juicy details, reads just like a novel you don’t want to end.

Now that I am no longer pregnant and my hormones are balanced and back to normal I want to make sure I still felt the same way. Getting pregnant is a hard thing to do, even if you no trouble at all conceiving. So any man that could do what he did to Traci not only breaks my heart for her, but pisses me off too. It’s a very difficult journey to carry a life, your mentally all messed up, hormones bouncing all over the place, body image is a mofo (can I say that, yeah well I did), you can’t sleep, in my case you can’t eat and life seriously sucks. And then he leaves her…..My husband was amazing through both pregnancies and he was such a great support system. If he ever did any of those things that Traci’s man did I would seriously chop his balls off and blame it on my hormones. I really did enjoy the read. And, it just goes to show you that each person walks their own path. We are not here to judge their journey, but to simply understand thats how they got to where they are now.

Traci’s determination and motivation in this turbulent time in her life sparked her to write this book, form a launching pad into fitness industry and motivate other women to love themselves no matter what life throws at them.

Purchase Traci’s Book & Visit Her Website: Bombshell Xtreme, Facebook,Instagram

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  1. Traci
    November 13, 2015 at 11:22 am (2 years ago)

    I absolutely love this!!! Thanks for sharing on your blog❤️


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