“H” is for “Hermes


“H” is definitely for “Hermes”! I was first introduced to Hermes by gramma. She had this amazing women’s designer consignment boutique with jaw dropping treasures wealthy ladies would drag in by the bag full. And, some Hermes pieces actually made it into the store. Over the years I have become very familiar with the coveted orange boxes and the treasures they hold inside them. I know most women now a days are after the very exclusive Hermes Birkin Bag, because they are all the rage now. But, for me it’s honestly the little and very flat orange boxes that bring me the most joy. I am in love with the cloisonné enameled bangles, leather cuffs and of course their unmistakable gorgeous print scarves. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t turn down a Birkin Bag, its just that I don’t have an extra $50,000 to $80,000 lying around for Red Crocodile version of the one I want. Always striving to set the standard and be different. I am also a big fan of their leathers and horse and rider fashion. Horses are magical creatures, so anytime you can mix them with fashion I say “B-A-N-A-N-A-S”! Another ingenious marketing strategy is the company’s ability to use equestrian style advertisements to promote their fashions and accessories with horses. In away paying homage to where they started making leather accessories for horses way before they became a fashion icon. HERMESBRACELETSHow could you not love or want to collect these amazing bangles? The colors and prints alone have me obsessed, especially the equestrian prints ones. I am sucker for horses. I can’t help it. One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is my friend Nicolle ((my little Jewish Christmas Tree)) as I like to call her. I tried to make her a Christmas themed costume for a fitness competition she was in, I was so excited and then she said “Lauren, I am Jewish! That won’t work.” I still chuckle every time. Anyways I love her so much, her  sense of style is off the charts. Nicolle’s arm is always having a party with Hermes & Cartier making guest appearances in her photos. Two of the pictures above are from her IG page. I will list it below if your interested in following her.


My next two obsessions are the ever so gorgeous brightly print scarves that you can do just about anything with to spruce up your wardrobe. Most ladies wrap their Birkin Bag handles with them, but that is so typical. When I was super tiny I would tie two together (1 solid & 1 plain) and wear it as a wrap dress, love wearing them as a halter top, belt and even in my hair (so 1950’s). Another new found obsession I didn’t even know existed until I read Rachel Zoe’s second book. Rachel photographed her coffee table with all these iconic Fashion Look Books and Hermes Ashtrays. Even though I don’t smoke I would love to collect them just to put my jewelry in, and maybe for my husbands keys? And of course I would only collect the horse ones. LOL


Before Hermes ever started designing women’s clothing & accessories, they were more popular in the horse and rider world. Known for their exquisite leather horse saddles and bridles, trunks and blankets (((which they now make in cashmere for the human kind, omg I am obsessed))). The French Designers I guess gave some serious thought to breaking into  Haute Couture and Ready to Wear fashion, which I am so glad they did. I am completely obsessed with their equestrian advertisements they use with these majestic animals to display their fashions, jewelry and accessories.


I hope I have opened your eyes to some amazing accessories and fashions to this incredible brand. Here’s hoping you will find joy in little orange boxes too!

Nicolle’s Instagram: @photofashionobsessednyc

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