“H” is for “Healthy Recipes”

Being a mommy of two and an NFL wifey is a big job and only intimidating during meal times. Everyone is hungry but what to make my family when they’re hungry seems to be the most challenging part of my day. I want everyone to love what I make, for it to be tasty and most of all healthy. I want my kids to start out eating nutritious foods that taste good and hopefully they won’t want to eat the bad stuff. My honey bunny loves my cooking but loves it even more when I replace his favorite recipes with Turkey instead of Beef, using more spices and herbs instead of salt and other super-sized sodium contained seasonings. Buying organic, locally grown and less processed foods always reassures me I am doing the best I can as a mommy to help keep my family healthy.

Some of my favorite places to look for new and healthy recipes has always been my Cook’s Country Recipes Journals and Pinterest. I love when I find ones that my family just raves about and that I can add to my list of good eats. Because, lets face it who wants to serve let alone eat the same meals night after night? With that said, I try to make it my mission to pick out two new ones a week. I even let my husband get in on the fun, he’s visual so if it looks colorful and has an avocado I am usually making it for dinner. LOL

Instagram is another fabulous resource for finding recipes. Working in the fitness industry outfitting fitness models you end up following and friending people in the field of looking good and feeling good. The world of fitness has made great strides and there are a ton of everyday people sharing their incredible secrets on working out, meal prep and recipes for clean eating.


My two favorite Good Eats people to follow on my Instagram: Natasha “Feisty Kitchen” ((See picture above)) she shares mostly a Paleo, Gluten Free and Low Carb recipes. I love her photos, the ingredients she uses are always so bright and colorful and look so tasty in her photographs. She even has this killer signature recipe for her chimmichuri sauce. I let my honey pick from her page all the time for new recipe to try. I would love to serve her sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving. Her recipes are simple, easy and ingredients can be found at any Whole Foods Market.

Strictly Fitness Meal Prep, is more the fitness competitor regime route that I wish I had more determination to do, but honestly can’t make the time for with two under two and such a busy schedule. Although he does make it look easy and is also an endorser of Flavor God ((An Amazing Product btw)). I do love his twist on tacos, burgers, bbq chicken, and buffalo spicy cauliflower. He is one cool dad that makes sure his wife and daughter are getting the best nutrition possible. One big happy and healthy family if you ask me.


Check out:

Feisty Kitchen: Website, Instagram

Strictly Fitness Meal Prep: Website, Instagram

Photo Credits:

Cover – Feisty Kitchen – Salsa

2nd Photo – Feisty Kitch –

3rd Photo – Strictly Fitness Meal Prep





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