“B” is for “Bath & Bodyworks”


What can I say…I am addicted to Bath & Body Works Candles and Foaming Soaps. Especially the themed scents during the holidays. I am not sure when and why I became so obsessed, but I just did. My honey says I have a problem. Every time we go to the mall he  says “We are not going in there & don’t you dare buy anymore candles!”  Since then I have gotten sneakier and started shopping online, because they have amazing deals and free shipping. I try to unsubscribe but I just can’t what happens if I missed the deal of the century?


I am such a sucker for the seasonal candles during the Thanksgiving and Christmas. Anything pumpkin, marshmallow or snow inspired smell I am buying armloads. And don’t get me started on the 2 for $20 deal, with free shipping online and because I have been obsessively buying like a hoarder they send me an extra 20% off my order. It’s like they taunt me just to see if I cave. LOL And, I proudly say I give in every time. Me and Bath & Body Works have this special relationship sort of like Becky Bloomwood has for fashion in Confessions of a Shop A Holic. The mannequins talk to her to temp her into buying clothes; and the candles and soaps with special coupons totally push me over the edge in a complete buying frenzy. I am totally obsessed with these candle scents: Marshmallow Fireside, Vanilla Bean Butter Cream, Buttercream Icing, Snow, Frosted Cranberry.


One of my favorite holidays as most of you all know is Halloween. And when I first saw these amazing new holiday scents, I went into hoarder mode and completely lost my mind and bought three of each. My favorites this year were Ghoul Friend and Vampire Blood. My favorite thing about the foaming soaps is I feel like I get to theme out my bathrooms and kitchen with certain flavor soaps according to the holidays. In the Summer months I really go overboard with the tropical smells. Can you blame I live in Florida? I want my house smelling and clean like a tropical beach.

Let me know what your favorite candle and soap flavors? I would love to hear all about your obsessions.

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